Work related road accidents are the biggest cause of work related accidental death.


We received an information pack from David Whiting of Fleet Technique that informed us of a Government driven program to assist companies to comply with their health & safety requirements and improve fuel efficiencies by adopting the DfT SAFED driving techniques. This came at a time when we had been looking to develop our own program for the same reasons.

Alan Roberts, Director at C&A Pumps Limited was attracted to the SAFED for Vans scheme as a way of improving its fuel efficiency and to comply with its health and safety requirements.In addition Alan was keen to check that the Company drivers were competent against an independent standard.

The Company values the development and training of our staff very highly, although we recognised that driver training was an area of weakness in its training program. Therefore, enrolling our staff onto the SAFED training scheme was seen as a way that the Company could increase the skill and competence of our drivers.

The training was undertaken during 2007 & 2008.

Despite C&A Pumps Limited being busy with customer orders, the flexibility of David Whiting enabled the Company to fit the training around its commitments ensuring minimum lost production.

The training was well received by Company drivers, although some questioned why they needed to go on the course as they had been driving vans for several years. Despite some suspicion, the majority of drivers have benefited from the course and have been able to adjust their driving style to become smoother and more efficient. In addition, the outcomes of the SAFED training have allowed the Company to gain a better understanding of its driver's abilities and were we could reduce our fuel costs.

We cannot speak highly enough about the service and flexibility that David Whiting and Fleet Technique offered us to ensure that all of our commercial vehicle drivers received the training.

Alan Roberts - Director at C & A Pumps