A fifth (20%) admit being so distracted by in-car gadgets they have veered out of lane.
(Privilege Insurance)


Since my staff have attended the fleet training course it has made them a lot more aware of the consequences of speeding, braking harshly, driving in poor conditions, driving in built up areas,etc.

Not only do the drivers drive more safely and are more aware of road conditions and surroundings, this also leads to less wear and tear on the vehicles.

As an organization we have noticed that the fuel consumption is approximately 15% more efficient which in this modern climate leads to big savings throughout the year.

The staff have taken the techniques learnt on the course into their private lives and told me they have noticed up to 20% better fuel consumption in their own cars.

I would strongly recommend any organization with a fleet of vehicles no matter how large or small to take up this course as the benefits not only lead to big savings, but also a safer team of more competent drivers.

Peter Teasdale - Fleet Manager