Training sessions can reduce insurance bills and newly trained skills can bring down fuel consumption and general wear and tear on brakes, clutches and tyres.

SAFED For Van Drivers

SAFED Van Drivers Course

What is SAFED?

SAFED is a complementary driver development course, consisting of assessment and training. It intends to improve the safe and fuel efficient driving skills of LCV drivers. It therefore should complement a much broader programme of commercial vehicle fleet efficiency management.

Why get SAFED trained?

If you are a fleet operator there are a number of benefits to SAFED style training. Latest figures show a fuel saving between 16 20%.

For fleet operators these include:

  • Reduced accidents by the fleet with associated reduced costs.
  • Reduced fuel costs through more efficient driving style.
  • Motivated drivers who have received high quality training.
  • Introduction to improved fuel management practises to help improve the management of the fleet.
  • Reduced maintenance requirement through improved vehicle sympathy.

For drivers these benefits include:

  • Less stressful driving techniques
  • More fuel efficient driving.
  • Less chance of accidents.
  • No impact on journey time.
  • The techniques taught adopted for use in your private car, hence personal financial benefits.

Drivers trained on a 2:1 ratio on a full day course, or 1:1 on a half day course.