The annual risk of dying in a road accident while driving for business reasons is significantly greater than the risk of dying as a result of all other workplace accid...
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Fleet Training

Fleet Driver Training Courses

Fleet Driver Training is becoming increasingly more important to companies that require their employees to drive as part of their work.

The legal requirement applies as much to employees who drive as part of their job as it does to employees in a factory or office environment. Proposed changes to the law will allow companies to be prosecuted directly when it can be identified that management has failed in it's duty of care by allowing a system of fleet and driver control to operate below a standard that could be reasonably expected.

It has been estimated that up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve somebody who is at work at the time. This may account for over 20 fatalities and 250 serious injuries every week. A work related road accident could have a serious impact on a company for many reasons.

Benefits of Training

There are significant benefits to incorporating fleet driver training into your yearly training budget through assessment and training of drivers, least of which is savings on your insurance premium as there are numerous fleet insurance companies which recognise the value and importance of fleet training. Premium reductions can be reduced by up to 25% in the first year rising to 40% after 3 years.

Other benefits include

  • Reduced accident and repair costs
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved company image
  • Fulfilment of HSE regulations
  • Improved staff morale

Our Bespoke driver courses can combine both theory and practical training covering:

  • Awareness of Hazards and Risks
  • Effective use of Positioning
  • Speed Awareness
  • Observation
  • Appropriate Gear Selection
  • Braking Techniques
  • Defensive Vehicle Positioning
  • Co-ordination of Hazard / Risk Management
  • Accurate Bend Assessment
  • Cornering Techniques
  • Steering Technique
  • Safe and Calculated Overtaking
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Vehicle Security

The location for the fleet training can be at the customer’s premises or at a mutually agreed location. The preferred ratio is 1 or 2 drivers per trainer. The duration of the course is determined by your training requirements and is tailored to your company’s specific needs.

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