Almost half (45%) of drivers have lost concentration while performing tasks such as adjusting the stereo, heating or satellite navigation system.
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Driver Assessment

Fleet Drivers Risk Assessment

Why the need to assess your drivers?

Any company who has drivers on the road should have in place a consistent and manageable vehicle and driver risk programme. This affects companies and organisations of all sizes from the large corporate fleets to smaller enterprises with just a few employees who drive for work purposes, no matter how small. The Health and Safety at Work Act requires the employer to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of employees (full or part time) whilst at work. This includes work-related journeys and covers all drivers whether they are in company vehicles, using their own vehicles for business use, temporary drivers or freelance, agency or contract workers.

  • All employers must conduct a risk assessment - H & S at Work Reg. 1999
  • Over 5 employees you must record your risk assessment
  • Under 5 employees there is no need to record but you still have to conduct a risk assessment
  • Company vehicles are classified as places of work

How we can help

The most popular service that we offer consists of a Theory Session followed by Driver Assessments and Training. The Theory Session can be carried out with individuals, a small group or your entire staff. The driver assessment ratio can be 1 trainer to 1 or 2 drivers. Each driver will be initially assessed to identify all risk areas in their driving, offered a comprehensive de-brief followed by appropriate training/coaching methods that prioritises the reduction of the highlighted key risk areas.
A written report, based on the participants' performance will be produced at the end of the session and issued to line managers.

We also offer: 

  • Assessment and training
  • Induction training for new recruits
  • Refresher training
  • Eco driving for fuel efficiency

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