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Eco-Driving Course

Fuel Saving Course

With the increase in fuel prices showing no signs of slowing the cost of motoring can place a heavy burden on your finances. Fuel costs rose on average by £1 per gallon between Jan 08 and Jun 08. Our Eco Driving Course has been developed to help reduce these costs, improve your safety and reduce CO2 emissions.

Eco-Driving is a proven & growing driving style, which is primarily concerned with developing a planned & measured drive maximising safety for all & consideration for the environment.

Fuel savings vary depending on your current style of driving. Average savings of around 20% can be achieved with previously poor eco drivers saving up to 35%. A family car averaging 12000 miles a year could be saving in the region of £360 per year.

Eco-driving reduces:

  • Fuel Consumption
  • CO2 emissions
  • Local “air quality” pollutants
  • Noise
  • Vehicle repair and maintenance costs
  • Driver and passenger stress
  • Accident rates

The safer driving behaviour results from:

  • Improved awareness and planning reduces the risk of an accident
  • Reduced speeding
  • Less stressful and aggressive driving style
  • Improved vehicle control

The training course

The 90 minute course is carried out in your own vehicle in a convenient location. Following introductions our instructor will check your documents and your vehicle for roadworthiness.

Your instructor will then assess your driving, whilst they take notes to enable them to determine your strengths and weaknesses. This will ensure that the training is based around your individual needs.

The training is carried out in a professional, relaxed and informative style.

What is required on the day

  • A suitable roadworthy vehicle
  • An MOT certificate (if applicable)
  • Your insurance certificate
  • Both parts of your driving license

No written or practical test

Gift Vouchers available

Why not bring along partner or friend for a discounted rate? Please contact us for more details.