At least a quarter of road deaths involve someone driving for a living. Last year there were 858 deaths and 6,622 serious injuries in crashes involving at-work drivers.
(Department for Transport, 2008)

SAFED In-House Assessor Course

Due to popular demand the Department For Transport has developed a SAFED In-House Assessor Course and we are one of limited few in the UK who are able to offer this to companies who want their own In-House assessor.

An assessor is not a trainer, but is a member of staff who is trained to be able to identify and prioritise those employees who need further training, ensuring that you get the most from your training budget.

This enables each company to monitor the standards of each of its van drivers, assessing them objectively to a set standard. Any drivers that don't reach this standard should be offered training solutions to suit.

The assessor will assess drivers on the 18 key driving elements of the SAFED for Vans Course.

For more information on SAFED training courses please contact us.